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Plant Super Stem Cell Cream

Plant Super Stem Cell Cream



  • Product Information
    Plant stem cell technology is an important recent development in the skin care world. What kinds of stem cells are being used BENARE does not use human stem cells in our products. It is both controversial and difficult to incorporate living stem cells into a skincare product. BENARE created a product with plant stem cells, which once applied topically, protects the human skin stem cells from damage and deterioration, and works to stimulate the skin’s own stem cells. Phyto, plant stem cell extracts, are not common phytoextracts. They are much more concentrated, complex, and effective than normal plant extracts found in health stores. Through a patented process in highly controlled conditions, these botanical stem cells are extracted in a way that maintains the considerable biological properties of the original plant. Plant stem cell cultures and leaf cell cultures yield a product rich in plant stem cells and complex compounds. Plant cell cultures act as nature?made liposomes that are fully compliant with the skin, perfect for delivering their contents of powerful antioxidants and cell regenerating molecules. Phyto stem cells help activate the skin’s immune system to speed cellular renewal, reduce inflammation and safeguard skin from environmental stress (UV damage), helping to slow down the aging process. Beneficial Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba Seed Oil), Olea Europae (Olive) Fruit Oil, Licorice Root Extract, Vitamin C, Malus Domestica Fruiy Cell Culture (Plant Stem Cell Extract), Nymphae Caeralea Leaf (Stem Cell Extract) Beneficial Ingredients: Simmand-Asia Chinesis (Jojoba Seed Oil), Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Licorice Root Extract), Vitamin C, Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture (Plant Stem Cell Extract), Nymphae Caeralea Leaf (Stem Cell Extract). Directions for Use: Apply a small amount of the cream to the face and neck twice a day. Smooth gently into skin after cleansing. Allow to absorb before applying makeup.