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Immune Super Blast

Immune Super Blast



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    •Graviola: Used to treat infections with viruses, rheumatism, arthritis, Herpes, depression. May kill cancer cells directly, may keep cancer cells from removing chemotherapy drugs, causes relaxation, inflammation of nose and throat. •Red Raspberry: Stomach, heart, respiratory problems, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, fluid retention, skin rash, sore throat. •Grape Seed: Heart health, circulation, reduces swelling from injury, eye disease related to diabetes. •Pine Bark: Effects prostate cancer cells, male fertility, improves erectile function. •Shitake: Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, fights free radicals, may prevent thrombosis, fights viral infections, reduce tumors, cure respiratory diseases, cure weakness, and prevent exhaustion. •Reishi: Support during chemotherapy, controls blood pressure and cholesterol, good for asthma, liver or kidney disease, pain during shingles, viral infections. •Maitake: Diabetes, polycystic ovaries, chronic fatigue, cancer, hepatitis, hay fever, high blood pressure and cholesterol, weight control, chemo support. •Indian Rhubarb: Carries oxygen to parts of the body, neutralizes acids, cleans toxins from liver, aids digestion. •Burdock: Cleanses skin, soothes kidneys, relieves lymphatics, eliminates boils and canker sores, good for gout, rheumatism, sciatica, impotence. •Sheep Sorrel: Anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial, immune booster, antioxidant. •Curcumin: Anti-inflammatory, boosts the body’s antioxidant enzymes, may improve memory, improves heart function, reduce angiogenesis, may help prevent cancer, reduce inflammation of arthritis and RA, an antidepressant. •Pomegranate: Eliminates free radicals, protect cardiovascular health, fight cancer, improve bone quality, raises hemoglobin, promotes circulation, helps lose weight. •Olive Leaf: Immune system support, heart health, digestive support, inhibits herpes and shingles, fights yeast, urinary and dental infections. •Quercetin: Heart and vessel problems, prostate infections, allergies. •Cat’s Claw: Immune system support, arthritis, pain relief, high blood pressure, digestive conditions like diverticulitis, Crohns Disease, ulcerative colitis. •Garlic: Arterial health, prostate health, lowers cholesterol •Korean Ginseng: Diabetes, brain function, cold and flu prevention, colitis prevention, reduces severity of herpes, improves erectile function. •ARA-6: Promotes gut microfloral balance, adaptogen, improves liver function. •Lycopene: Reduces risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration. •Beta-Glucan: Strengthens the immune system, fights stress. •Green Tea: Fights free radicals, aging, cancer, stroke, heart disease. •Selinium: Fights cancer, protects the heart, increases HDL. •Vitamin C: Protects immune system, fights cardiovascular disease, eye disease, stress, skin aging. •Vitamin E: Protects artery walls, fights aging.