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Biotin, Marine Collagen, Sea Protein
Lather and rinse hair with Nutrasilk shampoo daily for lustrous results.
In addition to our BENARE cosmetic line, we urge you to try our lustrous Nutrasilk lustrous hair shampoo. Nutrasilk promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth with biotin, marine collagen and silk protein. Our carefully selected ingredients in Nutrasilk provide the following benefits: Aloe Vera Gel: Speed up hair growth, heals itchy scalp MSM: Found in green plants, sulfur promotes hair growth Biotinyl

Tripeptide: Hair conditioner, improves irrigation of hair follicles, increases hair growth, enhances adhesion molecules to stimulate hair strengthening genes Apigenin: Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, stimulates hair growth, gives signal for hair follicles to terminate the anagen growth phase and move into catagen transitional phase Oleanolic Acid: Found in olive leaves, antioxidants, conditioner Saw

Palmetto: Slows hereditary hair loss, blocks enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, which causes baldness Glycol Stearate: Organic compound, conditioning agent Sodium Chloride: Salt used to improve fitness of water based product Citric Acid: Used to adjust the pH down to 5.5, causing hair follicle scales to lie flat and sleek Biotin: Strengthens hair, makes forLess breakage and damage allows hair to reach end of growth cycle EDTA: Makes hard water soft, hair squeaky clean Methylparaben: Anti-bacterial DMDM

Hydroitin: Spoilage guard

Propylparaben: Natural plant substance, moisturizer Marine Collagen: Strengthens hair Seaweed Extract: Minerals stimulate hair growth

Polyquatermum 10: Hair thickening conditioner Vitamin B5: Prevents hair loss, stabilizes hair pigment Hydro Silk Protein: Forms a crystalline protective barrier on hair, improves elasticity and resilience, increases shine. Silk holds 10 thousand times its weight in water

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